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Yes, there is really an accent at the end of my name, I promise I didn't add it just to be fancy haha!


I'm a London-based creative, who works in photography and film. I've been freelance since 2018 and have had a camera in my hands since my late teens. After graduating with a 1st in Film Production, I picked up a camera as a way to capture the world around me which turned into capturing people and telling their stories; your stories! I've always wanted to be a storyteller and I've bounced around different ways of doing that my whole life. I'm privileged enough to wake up every day and get to run around the globe doing a job that a lot of people only dream of, something I couldn't do without the support of God, my family, and my loved ones.

Portraits, editorial, and album covers are the bulk of main work on here but I also shoot weddings and events.

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