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The artist really wanted to go for the look achieved in the "COLOURS" videos which often feature artists filmed against a monochrome background with the mic suspended from above. I wanted to recreate this look while also making it unique so I used filtered light to create the blue background and also lit her with a purple tinge to make the visuals more inviting.


A luxury streetwear brand focused on making clothing that stands out while also remaining fashionable and very much a part of London. We collaborated to promote their most recent pop up at in the heart of central London.


I was approached again the following year to film the celebration of the brand's 1st year. It was great to see how far the brand had come as well as having the opportunity to film some exclusive pieces which were yet to be released.


It was very important to the brand's lead designer and owner that this promo highlights the brand's main aims; to create clothing made for movement which is a unique expression of the wearer's own identity. This is something I aimed to highlight by the constant movement of the model and the use of  "THE VAULTS" tunnel in Waterloo, a popular, underground location for skaters and dancers alike. 

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