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Q: Where are you located?

A: East London


Q: What's in your camera bag?


A: Canon 80D + 24-70mm f2.8


Q: Do you drive?


A: No


Q: What's your turnaround time?


A: Usually within 1-3 weeks but this is dependent on the complexity of your booking.


Q: How will I receive my images?

A: Typically, via the online service “WeTransfer” which will send them directly to your email. It will come up under “WeTransfer” and if it’s not in your inbox, please check your junk mail!


Q: How long will the images be available?


A: Usually they will be available for 7 days to download from the “WeTransfer” link which will be sent to you via email. The 7 days begins from when you are sent the link.

Q: Do you own a studio?


A: No, I don't own a studio, however, I know of a few different studios in London which I would be happy to recommend.


Q: Do you sell raw images?

A: No, I do not. Selling a raw image for a photographer is like selling a car without the brand name. It lacks the personal style & artistic nuances which are unique to my work.


Q: When is payment due?


A: The 50% deposit is due with the signed contract to book your session. This is non-refundable deposit to claim the date and is applied to your total balance. The remainder is due by the day the session occurs. If you are late, there is a late fee, the shoot starts from the time agreed, not when you arrive. If you cancel the shoot or cannot make the day, the deposit is still non-refundable.



Q: How can I prepare for my photos to be taken?


A: Preparation is the difference between a good session and a great one! It's best to plan your wardrobe ahead of time including hair & make up. Make sure your clothing is ironed beforehand and presentable. I also recommend considering hiring a hair and makeup artist for the occasion if this is a professional or studio shoot, especially for brands/concept shoots. It’s also beneficial to bring a clothes steamer with you for these types of sessions as clothing can become rumpled in transit. Otherwise, just get plenty of rest, make sure you're hydrated for your session and plan your journey ahead, leaving time for delays!


Q: What do I need to bring to a session?


A: I recommend bringing a water bottle or other refreshments (if you have a studio session with models, it’s good to keep them happy with food!), chapstick, a lint roller, and something to clean any glasses with. You may also consider bringing a change of clothes or several options with you, as well as any accessories you'd like to switch up. If it’s a studio shoot, I recommend bringing a clothing steamer as clothes can become rumpled in transit. It’s beneficial to check parking in the area beforehand if you’re driving!


Q: Do I need to know how to pose?


A: No experience is necessary! It’s beneficial if you have some but I am also hands-on and will direct you when necessary.


Q: Will you suggest a location for the session?


A: I'll ask whether you have a preference on the location or the type of location. Typically, I allow you to choose as you may have somewhere in mind and this makes things easier in terms of executing your specific vision. However, I am open to finding locations provided there is enough time before the shoot and it’s not the day of.


Q: Do you know of any studios to recommend?


A: I know of a few different studios in London which I would be happy to recommend. Please note however that your contract with the studio will be separate from the contract you hold with me and as such, I cannot be held responsible for any failures on the studio’s part to uphold your agreement or vice versa.


Q: How long does a session take?


A: Headshot and portrait sessions are typically around an hour long depending on complexity whereas studio or concept sessions will depend on the amount of time booked as well as the complexity of the shoot. More information on timing can be found in the “Pricing” section which lists and breaks down the different packages.


Q: Editing vs Retouching?


A: Image editing tends to include basic colour grading and correction, as well as adjusting or cropping an image. Retouching can include spot removal, skin smoothening, dealing with blemishes or creasing in clothing. More information on this can be found in the “Pricing” section which shows the type of editing or retouching that’s offered in the different packages.



Q: Can I make specific editing requests?


A: Of course! Definitely let me know in advance if you'd like anything done to your images and I’ll let you know if it’s possible.


Q: Do you send/show all the images captured during the session?


A: No, I shoot a lot more images than you’ll ever need. From 500 or so images, I usually cut down to somewhere around 30-40 so you only see the best. The amount of images you receive depends on your chosen package. More images can be purchased if needed.


Q: Do you shoot in raw format?


A: I do shoot in raw format, this allows for you to get high quality images as they’re not compressed in camera which gives me more control during the editing process.

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